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Kitchen Counters Guide

Kitchen counters can set the tone for the overall look of your kitchen. Several elements factor into your decision on kitchen countertops, including budget, function and style. When shopping for counters, Cranbury Design Center based in Hightstown, New Jersey can help you develop a well-thought out plan for your kitchen renovation or remodel. We also can help you choose the perfect kitchen counters to complement your overall kitchen design.

There are so many countertop material choices for the kitchen and we are here to guide you through these choices with tips on how some of the counter materials measure up.

Today’s Most Popular Choices

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Engineered Quarts
  • Wood or Butcher Block
  • Soapstone


Natural stone counters are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.  We generally offer 3 CM (1-1/2 inch) slab material for our kitchen projects.  During the selection process with Cranbury Design, since no two slabs of granite are the same, we will reserve your exact slabs for your project.  This allows you to create an elegant, totally unique kitchen design.  Granite is highly durable and should be properly sealed to reduce its porosity. It handles normal wear and tear well, and is heat resistant. Some natural stone materials, however, like Marble are less desirable for the kitchen as it can stain and is very porous, even with sealing. Even you must have marble counters, which is a beautiful, classic counter material, be aware of its limitations.

Engineered Quartz Counters

Engineered quartz products are durable, stain-resistant, non-toxic and fully sealed. These counters can provide the same look of natural stone, or you can get a variety of colors that are not available in granite or natural stone.  Surfaces are easy to clean and but are less resistant to heat and scratches than granite.  Because this material is man-made, there is consistency within slab lots, and this provides a uniform color to match your desired design needs.

Wood Counters

Wood counters are used in the kitchen usually in specialty areas or on islands and can provide a beautiful accent to the kitchen design.  There are a variety of wood materials and finishes available on the market today.  Our clients selecting wood counters understand and do not have issues with stains, cutting or other imperfections that will arise when using wood counters in the kitchen.  Many wood counters are available in a marine grade finishing which can provide extra protection from water and the everyday uses in the kitchen.

Soapstone Counters

Soapstone is gaining in popularity in kitchen design projects due to its timeless look.    Clients love the smooth feel of the counters, and it holds up well against staining and bacteria. Because the material is soft, dinks and dents may occur with normal kitchen use.  In some cases, these scratches may be buffed out by a soapstone specialist. Colors are limited mostly to the black, gray and green hues, and can change slightly over time based on exposure and use.  Some soapstone counters also have veining and movement which can add interest.

Whether your tastes run to contemporary design or you prefer more traditional styles, Cranbury Design Center in Central New Jersey has the kitchen design experience to help you achieve your new kitchen remodel or renovation dreams. We specialize in the design, delivery and installation of custom home spaces, including stunning kitchens with counters that not only fit your style, but also your lifestyle. Contact us today and let us surpass your expectations!

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